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30.11.2013, 12:06 - - Rank 1 - 1 Posts
In-game Name: -ToXiC-BloodBoy
Age: 15
Previous Teams: Toxic Grave Diggers
Role: Infantry
Battlelog Profile link: http://battlelog.battl...odBoy/stats/351214152/pc/
Steam Profile:
Anyone who will vouch for you: -ToXiC-highdirt
Why do you want to join and what can you offer the team: I want to join EOTL due to being able to compete with other platoons/clans around the world and I can offer my ability of working in a team and skills from different games such as Battlefield Bad company 2, Battlefield Bad company, Battlefield play4free, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1943, Call of duty modern warfare 2, Call of duty Modern warfare 3, Call of duty modern warfare 1, Call of duty Black ops 2, Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike:Go.
02.12.2013, 03:26 - STALKER - Administrator - 26 Posts
At the moment we are looking for "only two" high end, highly skilled infantry players to fill spots in DEMENTED. There are quite a few other clans that need spots filled and I am sure you will find a team. Failing that we are starting a public side to EotL for those who aren't interested in comp play. See EidaZ about this http://battlelog.battl...EidaZ/stats/621947532/pc/